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Outcome-Based ETF Portfolios to Meet Clients’ Investment Goals

Posted by Toroso Investments on May 23, 2019 9:22:00 PM

Financial advisors who are looking for customized ETF portfolios in the separate accounts space can turn to ETF model portfolios designed by ETF strategists.

“Toroso Investments was designed to be an ETF research firm, and when we build our ETF models, it’s all about security selection for us. That’s really the niche that we really play is knowing under the hood what’s really in an ETF,” Mike Venuto, CIO, Toroso Investments, said at Inside ETFs 2019.

Specifically, Toroso Investments has a handful of outcome-based managed accounts with distinct outcomes to help investors with various investment goals.

For example, the Toroso Sector Opportunity Strategy tries to outperform the S&P 500 Index while maintaining similar volatility, with 80% of the portfolio focused on 5 US Sectors/Sub-Sectors that exhibit the opportunity to grow faster than the market. The remaining 20% tries to opportunistically enhance up and down market capture, or collect implied volatility premium during sideways markets.

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